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Alpine Waters Cluster Ring. 7.

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The Alpine Waters Cluster ring.  Size 7.
Gorgeous Cut of American Mined Turquoise, with two cuts of the translucent Prehnite gemstones on either side. Set simply in rough, reclaimed sterling silver, with textured and scalloped borders. Black oxidization was added, then buffed to a glow to make the details pop a bit. 

This ring is a statement piece but a rather small one. Made for the everyday. Built from reclaimed metal, reformed with these two hands, built to last. 

1'' at it's longest
1 1/8'' at it's widest

1/8'' at it's tallest

Smooth domed wide band. 4/8'' wide. * Please note wide bands tend to fit a bit more snug, usually by about 1/2 size.

Note to Buyers:
All of the items in my collections are handmade and hand finished, from natural and reclaimed materials. Because of this, no two items are exactly alike or are they perfect. All handmade items will have natural imperfections. It is these slight imperfections that give handcrafted items their innate soulful character and appeal. It's not for everyone...but I like a little old soul in each and every piece I create. 

The term "reclaimed" means items or materials used in making of merchandise are re-purposed, and recycled.

Shipping... I live rurally and only make it to the post once a week.  So, these guys will be available to ship about one week from today!

All sales final. 

Thank you for being here!

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