About Ruby & Revolver

Ruby and Revolver is Jessie Lewis, a one woman show based out of the Bitteroot Valley, in Western Montana. Exposed to metalwork at an early age thanks to her father, the welder who moonlighted as a gunsmith, she is still a fledgling metal worker with relatively few years at the bench. But its seems that some crafts are hereditary, as she has metal in her blood. It began by scouring local pawn shops and hand me downs, slowly acquiring the necessary tools of the trade long before she had the mastery/skills to put them to use. Her tools are basic, the same tools used by metalsmiths past. Her belief is that you can do more with less, by embracing traditional skills with work steeped in austerity. Ruby and Revolver is deeply influenced by Montana, the natural world, and by the wild west. Jessie’s world is a mix of reclaimed materials, metal, leather and stone. The jewelry created by her hand is unmistakably her own, purposefully raw, lasting, and filled with heart and soul. .

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